We are passionate about reporting truth in news and providing commentary to help believers understand the times we live in and know what to do and how to respond. Today, we need your support in the form o membership, starting at just $10 per month, to keep this ministry going strong. As a member you're joining us on the front lines of media. 


A community of believers

We're part of a 501c3 Christian missions organization. Media is one of our main outreaches with the goal of spreading the gospel to all nations. Our current reach spans 10 nations. When you become a member you are joining forces to minister truth in media. 



We believe technology is a tool that can be used for the glory of God. That's why we're constantly testing what works, how to reach more people, and developing creative outreaches for Christ. 

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Speaking for those with no voice

Our work includes speaking up for those with no voice and working for truth, justice, and mercy in the nations. Through media we can quickly mobilize people to prayer, action, and outreach.