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As the family, church, media, arts, business, government and education go so goes the nation. These mind molders of our culture must be reached if we are going to make any progress in discipling nations and industries for Christ. 

For too long believers have surrendered the cultural mountains of our world to those who have no regard or care for the things of God. We've kept our message and ministry within the four walls of the church. But that's changing. 

We believe this generation demands more. 

Logos Post is mobilizing a generation of believers to be salt and light in the places where the Lord has strategically placed us. Here's what we're working to accomplish: 

1) Disciple people, nations and industries by bringing a Christ centered perspective on current events and news.

2) Facilitate discussion and momentum among believers in engaging the world for Christ.

3) Mobilize leaders to participate in fulfilling the Great Commission in word and deed to all nations.

4) Understand and interpret the times by collaborating leaders to engage believers to take action and know how to respond in this day/hour we live in.

Will you join us? 

We are looking for strategic partners to advance this cause and fund global journalism, news and commentary. Today we are introducing our partnership program to work toward this end. We are looking for churches, businesses and individuals who will join with Logos Post and fund this important work. 

Partner With Us

Planter: $250 per month

Cultivator: $500 per month

Builder: $750 per month

Investor: $1,000 per month

Here's what's in it for you:

Ambassador: Receive special announcements and news from inside and help us spread the word about what God is doing around the world. 

Advertising: Pay per click and pay per impression advertising is available and included according to your partner level. 

Sponsored Content: Sponsor articles and content around your products, conference or business. Sponsored content can be developed by our team and is promotional in nature for your organization, yet it fits right into the rest of our content. 

Membership: As a partner of ours we recognize you on our website and encourage visitors to check out what you are doing and other partners to network with you.  

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Medianaries: Creating Media & Impact for Christ

Medianaries: Creating Media & Impact for Christ

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Writer's Guidelines