Introducing Blogger Royalties

Introducing Blogger Royalties


We're happy to announce today that will be supplying our many contributing writers, bloggers, authors, speakers, commentators, social critics, culture makers and shapers with royalties for contributing to the site. 

Starting immediately we are rolling out a compensation plan based on the performance of your posts on our website. The idea is not unlike tradional publishing of a manuscript. Depending on how well the book does in the marketplace determines how much you get paid. Similarly how well your posts do on determines how much you get paid. But here is the really cool part. When you're a part of you are working collectively with dozens and dozens of others writers and commentators and the chances of your content performing well and getting discovered goes way up. That's one of the biggest benefits to growing your platform on Logos Post, your joining forces with dozens of other writers and authors working together to create a media force that impacts every aspect of culture for the glory of God. 

Here's How It Works

Original content not published anywhere else: $1.50 per thousand impressions
Repurposed content previously published elsewhere: $1.25 per thousand impressions
Previously published content online: $1.00 per thousand impressions

We will provide monthly reports on page views for each of your articles through Google Analytics. We'll track where the visitors are coming from, how their finding the content and even how long their staying on the page. 

We'll also promote your posts via our mailing lists, RSS feeds, affiliates, mobile app, paid search and paid social media advertising to drive traffic. Then we'll turn around and pay you based on the traffic we are able to monetize from your posts. So not only will we provide a platform for you to get your message out to a global audience of culture makers and shapers, we'll pay to promote your content and then pay you based on the response you get from your posts. Each article will also link back to your website and your bio can help to promote books and products on your website or on Amazon. 

Your Part

Just like any publisher, we want to help you promote your content on as well so this can become a revenue stream into your business or ministry. So we suggest a number of things you can do to increase your earnings from Logos Post: 

1) Share on social media channels
2) Link to your profile and articles on your site
3) Use our badge on your website or business cards to let people know your on Logos Post so they can see your part of this global community online
4) Ask your friends and collegues to join you in promoting your content
5) Send out an email blast to encourage people to view your articles on Logos Post. 
6) Mention your articles at conferences and speaking engagements. 

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