The Many Interests of Donald Trump

The Many Interests of Donald Trump

Donald Trump has built an empire of businesses held mostly under his company, The Trump Organization. His net worth is calculated by Forbes Magazine as $4.5 billion but argued by Trump, according to Investopedia to be closer to $10 billion dollars. As the Republican frontrunner for President, here are a few of the details on who this man actually is. 

Trump's empire stretches from his mid-town Manhanttan headquarters and across the city (his largest holdings are in NY), over to Connecticut, down through the shores of Jersey, south to Virginia and sunny Florida, across the country to Nevada, California and finally Hawaii. The company also holds international intersts in Canada, India, Philippines, Uruguay, Turkey, South Korea and Panama. 

Hotels have also done well for the Trump empire around the world and most notably in Chicago where the Trump International Hotel & Tower has been a AAA Five Diamond-rated property since 2001. 

The Trump Organization according to Wikipedia includes, 515 Subsidiary companies with 264 of them bearing the Trump name, 54 of them bearing his initials. In addition to real estate, the subsidiary companies include: 

1) Construction
2) Entertainment
3) Food and beverage
4) Online travel
5) Airlines
6) Publishing
7) Media
8) Model management
9) Retail
10) Business education
11) Helicopters
12) Beauty pageants


3 marriages- Ivana Trump - 1977-1992
Marla Maples, 1993-1999
Melania Trump, 2005-present

5 children


Trump Airlines: Bankrupt in 1992
Trump Vodka: 2006-2011, ceased operations
Trump Entertainment Resorts: bankrupt 4 times, most recently in 2014
Trump: The Game. Discontinued for lack of interest
Trump Magazine: Launched in 2007 ceased operations after a year and a half. 
Trump Mortgage: Shut down shortly after launching
Trump University: Sued for $40 million by Attorney General. 


Trump Tower Chicago: 98 story hotel and condo in Chicago, the fourth tallest building in the US.
Trump Place: "The crown jewel of the Upper West Side," according to
The Apprentice: Made $1 million per episode at its peak. 
40 Wall Street: Purchase for 1 million, renovated for $35 million. Today is worth over $500 million


Trump has branded himself a defender of Christians, "I'm going to protect Christians," he told Liberty University. He told CBN in 2012, "I've had a good relationship with the church over the years. I think religion is a wonderful thing. I think my religion is a wonderful religion."

According to Religion News Service, Trump has attended Marble Collegiate Church, a Reformed Church in America and former pulpit of Norman Vincent Peale, author of, "The Power of Positive Thinking."

Trump also has been courting evangelicals including a September meeting with the likes of Paula White, Kenneth Copeland, Jan Crouch, David Jeremiah among others. The meeting according to  CBN ended with the laying on of hands. 

More recently in May he met with Rick Joyner and Sid Roth along with a few others.  

Popular Christian leadership speaker Lance Wallnau has compared him to Cyrus, a Gentile king in the Bible who God raised up to rebuild the temple for the Jews in Jerusalem. The prophecy of Cyrus is in Isaiah 45, Trump, if he wins, will be the 45th President of the U.S.

Anne Graham Lotz in an interview with Fox News said, "My faith is not in a person, my faith in is God. If God can use Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel's day...then He can use Trump too."

Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Covention wasn't so kind however. He spoke of Trump's ethical failures of the past in a recent op-ed in the NY Times publicly rebuking him for the wrong choices including casino and gambling business. 

His outspoken, brash and crude comments and namecalling have put many believers at odds with his actions and faith profession however and a number of leading evangelicals have voiced their concerns. 


Immigration, "We want people to come into our country but they have to come into our country legally," Trump told a crowd in New Hampshire, as reported by the Washington Post in February 2016. 

Abortion, "Public funding of abortion providers is an insult to people of good conscience at the least and an affront to good governance at best." This according to

Guns, "Well, I'm a big Second Amendment person, big, as you probably know," said Trump. 

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