Inviting God to work with Heaven in Business

Inviting God to work with Heaven in Business

By Kyle Patterson

Lisa van den Berg believes God wants to go with believers into their workplaces and do amazing things. She serves as the Online Business Pastor of a ministry called Heaven in Business, one of the many Christian ministries out of Bethel Church in Redding, California.

Heaven in Business seeks to equip believers with the truth and practical application that God is at work in your business just as he is at work in church ministry.

"Our specific aim is to minister to believers in the marketplace. Letting people know that work is a first class ministry, not a second class ministry so many of us believe."

Work she says, is something God created and meant as a primary way for us to serve and glorify him.  

"Work was his idea, it's the first recorded phrase in the Bible of God giving us instruction was work. He loves to come with us. He can be your CEO. Work is his idea," stated van den Berg in a recent interview for Logos Post.

Van den Berg is originally from South Africa, later moved to the U.K., and then ended up in Redding, California as a business person wanting to connect what she learns on Sunday with what happens in the business world on Monday.

"God is actually in the business of business with us," she said.

Her role with Heaven in Business is to take what is happening through the ministry in Redding and make it available to the world. That task includes an online learning platform and testimonies from people utilizing their principles in the marketplace.

Lisa outlined 4 steps if you will to invite God into your workplace. These are paraphrased from my conversation with her:

  1. Renew your mind according to the word of God. We need to understand God’s view of work according to the Bible

  2. Invite God to work.

  3. Make room for him in your day and expect him to do something.

  4. Be sensitive to his leading and the way he speaks.

“I think this is one of the paradigm shifts that is happening. We are seeing an awakening to this truth of ministry in the marketplace,” said van den Berg.

“He is just as much with you. He has the solution to the problems you're facing at work. Whether you’re working on the check out or as the CEO, he has the solution.”

Van den berg stated she had just met with a mechanical engineer who found Christ. He decided to apply his faith in his work creating medical devices and machines. God began speaking to him in dreams about how to create innovative and excellent products to serve people and glorify God in his work. He responded with, “God I want to honor you in everything I do.” So he crafted his mission statement with four key principles:

  1. Honor God

  2. Make quality equipment that changes lives and saves lives

  3. Having an excellent business

  4. Make a profit

He implemented these practices, created a prototype based on what he believed to be a God-inspired dream, invested $600,000, and was soon offered $25 million for it. He had a check in his spirit and decided not to accept the $25 million and continued developing the product. More testing revealed some flaws in the prototype and he made the necessary changes. They continued to improve the product and later sold the company for $100 million, 4 times the original offer.

It’s testimonies like these, according to van den Berg that keeps their growing community encouraged and connected.

The heart behind it is, “God I know that you are with me. I know that you’ve called me to business, you’ve called me into the marketplace. So this is my ministry. I am letting you know that I am accessing all that heaven has in order to make this work, for you to be glorified and people to be blessed. And the practical outworking flows from that.”

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