The best-selling Christian song inspired this new film

The best-selling Christian song inspired this new film

By Marvin Schrebe

The best-selling Christian song of all time has inspired a new Christian film set to come out at Easter 2018 starting actor Dennis Quaid.

"I Can Only Imagine" is a new film set to come out next spring, but it's already making waves and bringing in some impressive reviews. 

“There’s something special about this project,” said director Andy Erwin.

The film follows the story line of songwriter Bart Millard, and growing up with this father in Texas.

“It’s all about the redemption quality of the whole thing. It’s the fact that if the gospel can change that dude, it can change anybody,” said Bart Millard of MercyMe.

"It's very uplifting, about how one can really have a complete change in one's heart and how much you can move the earth with that. That doesn’t happen very often" lead actor Dennis Quaid said.

Popular evangelist Greg Laurie stated he believes this is one of the best Christian films I have ever seen.

“I honestly felt this is the best Christian film I have ever seen,” stated Laurie.

The song “I Can Only Imagine” sold over two million digital downloads, was certified platinum three times and became the most played Christian single in the history of the genre. Now, nearly a decade later, the film will tell the story behind the song.

Quaid will star in the film along with actress Cloris Leachman and country star Trace Atkins. The lyrics to “I Can Oly Imagine”, were written after Millard’s father passed away. Millard said he was stunned by the reception the song received but believes it was Jesus’ message in the song that really grabbed the attention of listeners.

The movie “I Can Only Imagine” will tell the true story of Millard’s life up until the writing of the song.

Jon and Andrew Erwin, the Christian filmmakers behind "Woodlawn," "Moms' Night Out" and "October Baby," are directors of "I Can Only Imagine". They will launch a full promotional campaign to help promote the spring 2018 release.

The members of MercyMe are thrilled about the debut of the film and Millard used social media to reveal that the film has been in the making for years.

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