San Francisco most unchurched metro in U.S.

San Francisco most unchurched metro in U.S.

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A new research report produced by the Barna Group has listed San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose as the most unchurched region in the United States. The report analysed the top cities in the country based on three metrics churched (very active)unchurched and dechurched, according to Barna. Based on Barna’s most recent data, almost four in 10 (38%) Americans are active churchgoers, slightly more (43%) are unchurched, and around one-third (34%) are dechurched. The report however, reveals a big difference, depending on where you live in the country. 

For example, people in Chattanooga, TN report in at 59% churched, meaning 59% of the people are actively involved in a local church. Compare that to San Francisco at the opposite end of the spectrum with 60% of the population unchurched

Behind Chattanooga, the top cities for most churched in America include: 

  • Salt Lake City, UT: 59%
  • Augusta / Aiken, GA: 57%
  • Baton Rouge, LA: 57%
  • Birmingham / Anniston / Tuscaloosa, AL: 56%

Coming in behind San Francisco for most unchurched include: 

  • Reno, NV: 59%
  • Springfield / Holyoke, MA: 57%
  • Boston / Manchester, MA: 56%
  • Las Vegas, NV: 55%

Barna also analysed the "dechurched" population. This population represents those who once were connected and involved in a local church but for one reason or the other, are no longer.  

The top 5 dechurched cities include:

  1. San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose, CA: 47%
  2. Boston / Manchester, MA: 46%
  3. Seattle / Tacoma, WA: 45%
  4. Portland / Auburn, ME: 45%
  5. Springfield / Holyoke, MA: 43%
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