American Catholics have an ally in President Trump, says VP Pence

American Catholics have an ally in President Trump, says VP Pence

By Kevin Payne

In this day and age when religious freedom in America seems to be under attack from all sides, it is refreshing to hear a speech made by a vice president that promises that religious freedom will be upheld.

Vice President Pence recently told the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast that President Trump stands with the unborn alongside Catholics fighting for their religious freedom.  

Pence, who was raised Catholic, but now identifies as evangelical, spoke fondly of his Catholic childhood at the annual gathering of Catholic priests and prelates.

“I cherish my Catholic upbringing,” he said.  “This honestly feels like coming home.  The hymns and liturgies of the Catholic Church are the anthems of my youth.”

“President Trump stands without apology for the sanctity of human life,” Pence told the crowd.  “He stands with the most vulnerable, the aged, the infirm, and the unborn.”

Pence also pointed to the action taken by the president to protect men and women of faith in the public square.  He ws speaking of the Executive Order to restore religious liberty that President Trump signed on May 4, 2017.  

The executive order, called “Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty,” also gives regulatory relief to companies that object to an Obamacare mandate for contraception in health care, which builds on a 2014 Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case, which found that the Affordable Care Act mandate that certain corporations must provide female employees with no-cost access to contraception was a violation of the Religious Restoration Act.

Two nuns from the Little Sisters of the Poor, the plaintiff in a federal lawsuit seeking relief from the Affordable Care Acts contraception mandate, were on hand at that signing. Pence made mention of the two nuns in his speech.

“The Little Sisters of the Poor tool a big stand for faith and freedom by refusing to betray their consciences and participate in the provision of birth control,” Pence said.  “President Trump will continue to work to protect religious liberty and the people of faith needn’t worry about abandoning their beliefs.”

American Catholics have an ally in President Trump,” he said.

“This administration hears you,” Pence continued.  “This president stands with you, protecting and promoting religious freedom is a priority for this administration.”  

Toward the end of His speech, Pence appeared to tear up as praised American Catholics for their indelible marks on the American spirit and the stand they take for religious freedom.

He finished his speech by adding, “God will heal this land, this one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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