12-Year-Old Catholic Girl kidnapped by Muslim man

12-Year-Old Catholic Girl kidnapped by Muslim man

By Kevin Payne

Christian girls are routinely kidnapped by Muslim men in the Middle East.  Many times, they are raped and forced to marry their captors. International Christian Concern says that in many of these cases there is little or no help from the authorities. In a story coming out of Bangladesh, a young Christian girl was kidnapped by a Muslim man on May 26th and no one knows where she is.

The 12-year old Catholic girl was kidnapped by a Muslim man and two accomplices as she was returning home from school.  She has been missing for several days and her family is desperate to find her.

The kidnapper, identified as 35-year-old Fajal Miha, grabbed the girl as she was walking home from her Catholic school in the district Netrakona.  Another student who witnessed the kidnapping said that Miha and two other men pulled along beside her as she was walking home and Miha and another man jumped out and grabbed her.  

Speaking to AsiaNews, the girl’s family complain that the police are moving too slowly.  “They assured us that we would have our daughter back within twenty-four hours, but nothing,” a family member said.  

The girls grandfather said that Christians are the minority in the region.  “As Christians, we are persecuted by the Muslim majority.  We can no longer live in this country.”  He said that the family has asked for help from the Islamic leaders, but the girl has yet to be found.  

Reportedly, ISIS leadership have recently established guidelines for kidnapping young girls into slavery, including a how-to-manual issued by the Islamic State Research Institute.  The manual emphasizes a narrow and selective reading of the Quran and other religious rulings to justify the violence and sexual assaults of young girls as spiritually beneficial and virtuous.  

According to Samer Muscati, the author of the recent Human Rights, The Islamic State’s sex trade appears to be based solely on enslaving women and girls from the Christian minority. As yet, there has been no widespread campaign aimed at enslaving women from other religious minorities. That assertion was echoed by community leaders, government officials and other human rights workers.

In Bangladesh, Christians account for only 0.4% of the population of 160 million inhabitants. They have long complained of various forms of persecution and harassment from the Muslim majority.  

Photo: Afghanistan based stock photo

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