Top 10 books for summer reading from the Christian Book Expo

Top 10 books for summer reading from the Christian Book Expo

By Sherise Henry

If you enjoy reading and are looking for a source of inspiration this summer, you are in for a treat. The Christian Book Expo has released the Evangelical Christian Publisher’s Association’s list of top selling Christian Books as of June 2017.

Whether you’re in need a devotional to soothe your soul throughout the day or you would like to enjoy the gift of Christian storytelling these reading gems can be found online or in bookstores. Most of which will cost you less than $20.  Here’s a look and quick description by of the top ten.

1) The 5 Love Languages-by Gary Chapman- This self help tool reveals five forms of love languages…words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touching. The author promises that learning these love languages will get your marriage off to a great start or enhance a long standing one. Chapman explains the purpose of each language and shows you how to identify the one that’s meaningful to your spouse now.

2) Jesus Calling (Hardcover) –by Sarah Young- For many years, missionary Sarah Young kept a prayer journal, recording her thoughts and prayers. Then she decided to start listening for what Jesus might be saying to her in her daily journey. The journey she started encouraged her heart, along with thousands of others the world over.

3) The Magnolia Story- by Chip and Joanna Gaines-Chip and Joanna Gaines have garnered fans across the country with their creativity, humor and their wholesome example of marriage and family. In the Magnolia story they share their journey of how they met their first renovation project, business ups and downs and the fateful day when Joanna’s design work caught the eye of a television producer.

4) Jesus Always by Sarah Young- slow down for a moment and hear the call to joy. Jesus longs for you to rest in His presence. The difficulties of life can often sap the joy out of our hearts, but Jesus longs for us to know his contentment regardless of our circumstances. Jesus Always, a new 365 day devotional by Sarah Young, focuses on joy, a sometimes overlooked fruit of the spirit.

5) Total Money Makeover (Classic Edition) by Dave Ramsey- Is your “owe” starting to show? Shrink your waist line, bulk up your bank balance, and get into financial shaper with money expert and radio host Ramsey’s comprehensive and simple-plan for debt free living, You’ll be fiscally fit in no time.

6) Uninvited -by Lisa Terkeurst- In Uninvited, Lysa shares honestly from her own struggles with rejection and gives readers concrete truths to combat the lies our old Enemy hurls our way. You can stop feeling left out, because even when you are overlooked by others, you are handpicked by God. You can change your tendencies to either fall apart or control the actions of others by adopting healthy ways to process your hurt. You are designed for a love without limits, a love that will never let go.  

7) The Shack (paperback) –by William Paul Young –When Mack Phillip’s youngest daughter, Missy is abducted during a family vacation and later presumed murdered, he thinks life can’t get any worse. Then he receives a note, supposedly from God, inviting him back to the scene of the crime. If he returns to the place of his darkest nightmare, will he find despair—or hope?

8) Goliath Must Fall- by Louie Giglio- Many of us have giants in our lives-hang ups and habits, fears and insecurities that keep us from reaching our full potential. Frozen, we lose sight of the promise God has for our lives and settle for far less than best. But there is a better way forward. In Goliath Must Fall, Louie Giglio offers powerful insights from the Biblical story of David that will help you overcome your giants once and for all by fixing your eyes on the size of your God, not the size of your giant.

9) The Shack (Movie Edition) by William Paul Young- Mack Phillips took his three children on a family camping trip while his wife visited her sister. Just as they were about to leave the campsite, the two older kids decided to take a last canoe ride before heading home. As their canoe overturned and Mack went to help them, his back was turned and the unspeakable happened. Mack’s youngest daughter, Missy, was abducted by a known child predator. After a massive search evidence of Missy showed up at an abandoned cabin. For the next four years “a great sadness” fell over Mack and his family, until a note from God showed up in his mailbox. What happens next will move you to a greater understanding of God’s unfailing love for us all.

The Ebb Tide by Beverly Lewis- As an Amish teen, Sallie thought her dreams of seeing the world were out of reach. A more attainable opportunity arises when she is offered a nanny job at a well-to-do family’s summer vacation home in Cape May, New Jersey. Sallie’s parents allow her to go, only when she promises to return to complete her baptism preparations. During her free time on the weekends, she meets a young man. Soon she wishes she did not make a promise she is no longer able to keep.

These reads are sure to make good company if you find yourself with enough leisure time to be taken away by their pages and most often in closer conversation with God concerning his will as we walk through life. Enjoy your summer reading.

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