10 vacation ideas for the Christian family

10 vacation ideas for the Christian family

By Sherise Henry

Are you still searching for a way to highlight your summer? There are several options for summer entertainment that specifically cater to the Christian audience. Did you know you can take a cruise that shuts down the casino and bar and cranks up the Gospel music? Maybe your teen has read books by C.S. Lewis, take them on an Oxford England Tour named after him.  These are just some of the choices you can tell your travel agent about as you make your faith apart of your vacation journey this summer.

Here are 10 top choices to get you started.

1) Christian Cruises- According to www.1001-vacation-ideas.com  Templeton tours is a company that offers Christian cruise charters and Holy Land Tours. Their Southern Gospel  music cruise takes place on the Carnival Cruise Line’s Fascination . A vacation package can come with five course meals, a spa, beauty salon, pool and activities and games for kids. As earlier stated bars, casinos and slot machines are closed.

2) Christian owned and operated family vacation resorts- Still Waters Lakefront in Branson, Missouri is one example. It offers lakes for fishing trips, and water slides, free paddle boats and kayaking among its entertainment choices. Golden Bear Cottage Resort in Big Bear Lake, California is another option and it’s ranked among the top 20 family vacation spots in the California Mountains.   If you don’t want to travel far ask your travel agent about Christian Resorts in your area of the country

3) Christian owned ranches- Wild River Ranch is a Christian family dude ranch in Estes Park Colorado. The camp programs and activities are structured with flexibility that allows parents to relax without the worry of constantly planning out each day’s itinerary. Clydehurst Christian Ranch in Montana and Deer Valley Ranch in Colorado are also ones to research for summer fun.

4) Christian owned campgrounds- Sandy Cove Campgrounds in North East Maryland promise beautiful sunsets and a lot of activities for the kids. Lakewood Campground ministry as well as Pier Lon Park or other campgrounds to inquire about.

If you would like your destination to include Christian education there are several life changing tours listed at www.thoughco.com/bestchristianvacations


5) Trip to Israel- Stops along this tour include Jerusalem, Western Wall, Temple Mount, the Holy Land and Bethlehem’s biblical sites.

6) Footsteps of Paul Tour- Stops along the tour include retracing the footsteps of Paul and visiting the place where John was exiled and wrote the book of Revelations

7) C.S. Lewis Oxford England Tour- This tour takes you through the hometown of C.S. Lewis and visits the historic sites of Oxford, Cambridge and London.

8) European Reformation Tour- Learn about the lives and accomplishments of the key reformers in the Protestant Reformation as you travel the heart of Europe

9) Biblical Tour in Orlando- This tour includes a stop at the WordSpring Discovery Center where you can explore the history of the Bible.

Finally you can option for a working vacation and plan a

10) Short Mission Trip this summer- Options are endless whether you want to travel abroad or find a project within the United States.  For example the mission organization Eight Days of Hope is one that targets areas affected by natural disasters and spends eight days in the devastated area repairing homes.   Whatever your preference, your choice in your vacation should trim your lamp and ignite your relationship with Christ even further. The choices are plentiful.

Photo: Holy Land Experience, Orlando, Florida. Photo courtesy Facebook

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