7 steps to faith ... illustrated in GIFs

7 steps to faith ... illustrated in GIFs

By Kyle Patterson

Everyone's spiritual journey to faith in Christ is different. There is no one size fits all journey. Some people come to Christ the first time they hear the gospel. For me it took about 6 months of learning about Christ until I made a commitment to Jesus. Here are the 7 steps I took toward Christ in a humorous GIF fashion for your entertainment and encouragment. If your currently praying for someone to come to Christ, don't get discouraged, God can change any heart!

1) Searching 

We all have a God sized hole in our hearts, so we start by searching for answers. As a senior in high school, I began asking questions around purpose, meaning, and destiny. 


2) Don't want to hear it

For most of us when someone begins sharing Christ with us, we don't want to hear it at first. We resist and insist they stop. For me this meant tuning out my friends claim that Jesus was the only Way to God. Instead I insisted my good works could save me. 


3) Resistance

As we are given more opportunities to receive Christ, there is still something inside us that resists, that's afraid of losing control, that doesn't want to make that type of commitment. I wanted to be a good person, not trust in Christ's finished work on the cross.


4) Warming up

As we continue to hear about God's love in Christ, we start to warm up to the things of God. Our "no," turns to, "Maybe you're right." For me I observed my friend's peace and joy, my heart began to become open to Christianity. 


5) Visit

Once wer'e warming up to the faith, many decide to check out a local community of believers and (hopefully) receive a warm welcome! I visited a church during a performing arts competition with tons of teens just like me, I felt right at home. 


6) I think so 

God does a work in your heart and you start to believe. For me, I asked my friend, like the jailor in the book of Acts, "What must I do to be saved?" She said, "Come to church."


7) I'm in

It just takes one decision to say, "yes" to follow Jesus. On February 20, 2000 I said "yes" to Jesus and never looked back. 


What about you?

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