Shameless Talk… with Aubrey Sampson

Shameless Talk… with Aubrey Sampson

By Nancy Carmichael

Ever feel like you know exactly what you want… but it seems to be an elusive dream?

You know, like how poets long for utopia… how Dorothy wanted to go over the rainbow… or how Buffalo Bills fans dream for a reason to watch the Superbowl again?

If you’ve made it to the crawling stage of human development, you know that the harsh realities of life can keep us from getting to where we want to go, or at least blind us to the path that will take us there.  Sometimes it’s the choices that we make (yeah I’m talkin to you, Buffalo).  And sometimes those choices are made for us.   In either case, we find ourselves up against this barrier, a rampart if you will, that often separates us from the thing our heart desires, buffeting that dreamy destination that’s so close and yet so far.  All too often, however, that rampart is a lot closer to home, cutting off the journey before we ever even leave our own back yard.  And we find ourselves stuck.  Isolated.  And maybe we stop dreaming all together. 

This is the way shame works.  It’s a wall that doesn’t merely keep us out, it also keeps us in.

Wait, what?  When did we start talking about shame?  I thought we were talking about rainbows and Superbowls?  

Stay with me.  Because what we’re really talking about here is freedom- and how to get there.
If freedom is the destination, shame is the barrier.  A big barrier.  Huge, even.  So the question is, how do we get around/go through/overcome it?

As it happens, I have a helpful, and hopeful conversation to share with you today, my Logospost friend, with Aubrey Sampson.  She’s a church planter, blogger, cream with coffee (yes in that order) lover, and author of a beautiful book called “Overcomer:  Breaking Down the Walls of Shame and Rebuilding Your Soul”.

Now, when it comes to a topic like this, I’ll be honest with you; I wasn’t like “Yay, let’s read about SHAME.  Let’s GO there!”  And yet somehow, Sampson takes this very heavy subject and deftly balances it  between the pivot points of humor,  vulnerability and TMI.  But don’t take my word for it.  Listen for yourself, and decide for yourself here:

Visit Aubrey' website here.

Register for the Journey Together Summit, a FREE online event about learning new strategies to walk in freedom,  June 5-8th:

Have an overcoming story you’d like to share with Aubrey (100 words or less)?   Send it to her here:

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