How to KNOW GOD?  Really?  Really.  Catching up with Justin Jones

How to KNOW GOD? Really? Really. Catching up with Justin Jones

If you’re like me (and here you are reading this, so we must have SOMETHING in common), the words “How to Know God” provoke a mixed reaction.  There is a duality within, that wrestles between my slightly skeptical… ok, downright cynical… side that pushes against all things formulaic, you know, the stuff that smacks of “11 easy steps to get your life together and attract a huge Instagram following along the way”…  but maybe that’s just me (or you… if you’re still reading this)

But then there’s this other, softer, Pollyanna side, that believes with all of the untainted portion of my heart that maybe it IS true.  Maybe it’s not a pixie dust pipe dream (yes, I’m mixing metaphors).   Maybe… just maybe…  we really CAN know God.  And that He actually WANTS us to know Him?  

But we’re not here to talk about me.

We are here, my Logospost friend, to introduce you to a guy who tackles this question head on, in his newly released book “E.N.G.A.G.E.:  How to know God”.  In fact, it’s not only his newly released book, it’s his firstly (is that a word?) released book, and the guy’s name is Justin Jones.  He’s the Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church near Buffalo, NY, and despite his youth (pssst, he’s one of those… Millenials!), Justin is also one of those “wise beyond his years” types, which is evident in the wisdom he shares and the timeless truths he is able to convey to every generation, whether Boomers, X’ers, Y’ers or Z’ers (can someone explain to me where A-W fits in all of this?  Sorry, I digress).

I recently had the chance to catch up with Justin, to hear about his book, his thoughts on giant moths swooping down on him in waiting rooms, and what type of Western New Yorker he really is…

Feel free to listen in…  Really, it’s ok.  I told him the call was being recorded for training and quality assurance purposes, and he was totally ok with it.

Get his book here:  

Engage: How to Know God
By Justin Jones

Learn about the ENGAGE small group study here:

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