Interview with Kristi Watts, former co-host of The 700 Club and author of "Talk Yourself Happy"

Interview with Kristi Watts, former co-host of The 700 Club and author of "Talk Yourself Happy"

Hopelessness. Despair. Pain. Suffering. Most of us as Christians will experience those things in our lifetime. That’s where the enemy tries to get us stuck-in a pit, thinking that God has abandoned us and no longer hears our cries.

That could not be further from the truth.

That is exactly what tried to attack Kristi Watts on her journey through life. Watts is best known as the former cohost of The 700 Club, which airs on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

Behind that beautiful smile, off-camera, Watts was experiencing devastating heartache. Much of it was at the hands of her ex-husband, who emotionally abused her and finally abandoned Kristi and their newborn son, just a day after he was brought home from the hospital.

In addition, after leaving her high-profile position on television, she underwent a period of unemployment for two years. Facing financial difficulties, everything she had built her life upon began to shake. Her ex-husband later passed away from esophageal cancer, forcing her to reopen that chapter of her life, after he virtually disappeared for twelve years.

This pain and adversity threatened to steal the very joy that God placed within her heart-that which she exuded to viewers of The 700 Club.

But God was birthing within her heart a new ministry and the concept for a powerful new book entitled, Talk Yourself Happy. She travels the country and speaks, sharing her testimony of how God brought her out of this dark place.

As for the title of the book, she recalled the moment God inspired her with the idea.

As Watts was talking with her mom on the phone, she learned that her sister was going through a difficult situation. Without missing a beat, Kristi began to share instances of God’s faithfulness in her own life.

“The more I started to talk about what God had done, and I remembered what God had done for me in the past, that spirit of oppression and depression started to lift up off of my heart and I started to feel light again and joy again and hope again and I literally started to laugh,” Watts said. “…I told my mom ‘Girl, I just talked myself happy!’”

That is where the idea was born.

In the book, Watts shares some powerful tips on how all of us as Christians, no matter what we have been through, can tap into this true, lasting, joy.

One way, she says is by steeping ourselves in God’s word and speaking His promises over our lives. It will also require a mindset change. She wrote in the book, that “One way to talk ourselves happy is to readjust our conversation by not talking about the failures of man and instead talking about the faithfulness of God.”

When asked if this was an instant change or something we have to walk out day by day, she said that it is a process.

“Transformation is constantly reminding ourselves who God is, who God is to us, and that his promises are true, regardless of what we feel, regardless of what we see and regardless of what…is going on around us,” Watts said.

“God wants to get us all to that place where it’s not so much about what’s happening to us or what we see, or about our circumstances, but that we have peace and hope and joy and love, in spite of our circumstances,” she said. “And God does that by transforming us, our hearts and the way we see, and the way we think and the way that we speak in the midst of our circumstances.”

She also described how we should not be swayed by the world and be deceived into thinking that possessions or circumstances will bring lasting joy. Watts exposed how society has preprogrammed us to think that we will never be happy until we have that car, that spouse, that house, that job, or that bank account, for example

“Circumstances will never give you true fulfillment or happiness or joy-only God will,” Watts said.

Infused with a powerful dose of encouragement, candid real-life examples of her struggles and how God gave her the keys to overcoming the pitfalls of discouragement, Kristi shares her tips for attaining this happiness -that God has promised us in His word.

This book will give you the tools you need to begin to shake-off whatever life has thrown at you and begin to speak the word of God over your situation as you “talk yourself happy.”


For more information, visit Kristi Watts Ministries.

If you’re in need of some more encouragement in your journey toward recovering your happiness, be sure to visit Kristi’s new video blog.

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