The Secret Scripture Revealed: Journalist Sarah Walters investigates the power of God

The Secret Scripture Revealed: Journalist Sarah Walters investigates the power of God

A new book by journalist Sarah Walters investigates what the word of God really says and reveals a truth many Christians may have overlooked in their everyday reading of the Bible. In The Secret Scripture Revealed, Walters through her own personal journey of faith and extensive study of the Scriptures, encourages believers that the power of God is available in every circumstance we face. 

"The Lord gave me this message in 2010 as I was reading his word. I wrote the book because I wanted to share this message with more people, because it changed my life," stated Walters. She believes if as Christians we will allow the message of God's power to really sink in, it will change how we live and relate to the world around us.

"As Christians we get easily intimidated thinking we need a Bible school degree, seminary education or need to stand behind a pulpit (to serve him.) God has given this all to us. You can legally tap into this power that he has given us to live out our lives in a better way," stated Walters.  

Taken from the text of Scripture found in 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity but of power, love and a sound mind," Walters shares she was given the message by the Lord and felt now was the time to share it with a larger audience, because of how it changed her life. 

"I began to extract words out of the word power that the scripture refers to. We legally have the authority to tap into this and apply this to our lives. If it's in his word, it means it's true." 

Walters writes in the book, "I believe this one scripture holds the key to your wellness, financial provision, mental health, success, prosperity, purpose, future, etc. It is chocked full of words that encompass the entire Christian faith. In this book, I will dissect each of the meanings of the word power, and I believe it will change your life."

Sadly, many Christians are not living in the fullness of God's purpose and plan for their lives, but this book offers hope for victory in Christ leading to what Walters explains as access to God's promises in health, success, and creativity.

"God speaks through his word. The more time we spend in his word the more he reveals himself to us," she stated in a recent interview for

Walters recommends every believer study and dig into the word of God for themselves, "I would recommend every believer has a concordance and a dictionary... to cross reference Scripture and see the Scripture in Hebrew and Greek. That's what this book is. I took one Scripture and the Lord began to build upon it and it was incredible the direction it went in."

So if you are needing a jolt in your faith walk and want to hear from an individual who understands God's promises and wants to help you find them for yourselves, take a look at The Secret Scripture Revealed.

The Secret Scripture Revealed
By Sarah Walters
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