Bill Hamon: In 2017 we have an Open Door: Opportunities never had before.

Bill Hamon: In 2017 we have an Open Door: Opportunities never had before.

Bishop Bill Hamon of Christian International Ministries, based in Santa Rosa Beach, FL has been releasing a word at the start of every new year for the Christian Church around the world since 1988.  2017 is no exception.  This year Bishop Hamon calls the church to arise and fight in "God's World War III."

"The word I am sharing from Christ’s letter to the Philadelphia Church, of us being granted an “Open Door” that no man or demon can shut, is directed mainly to those who have ears to hear what Christ is saying to His Church, who are walking in all presently restored truth and have volunteered to be a warrior in God’s newly activated, offensive and powerful army called to “God’s World War III.”  Ps.110:3 says “Your people will be volunteers in the day of Your power.”  “Your troops will be willing on your day of battle” (NIV)."

Hamon believes that this year God is searching for those whose hearts are prepared as overcomers and ready to be used of God and join him in his work of the harvest. Those who do not love their own lives unto death but who are willing to join him in what he is doing in the earth, no matter the cost. He continues, 

"Right now, God is searching for soldiers of the cross who are willing to volunteer for God’s WWIII offensive army.  Jesus is looking for those who have level-four heart soil (Mt.13:23), which has been purged from all weed-seed attitudes.  They are righteous and fearless for they have attained to level three of the overcomers—“they love not their lives unto death” (Rev.12:11).  God is going to give them His mighty strength (2Chr.16:9).   Jesus, as Commander-in-Chief of His army, is coming to put His mighty warrior anointing upon them to destroy the powers of darkness and demonstrate God’s kingdom throughout the earth." 

Hamon believes that the Lord has spoken to him out of the book of Revelation 3:7-13 and the church even now has an open door that no one can shut, we just need to walk through it. He writes, 

"In 2017 we have an Open Door: Opportunities never had before.  The only judgment in this letter is if we do not go through the Open Door set before us.

He outlines a number of openings the Lord has set before his people including an open door, an open earth and the key of David before his people in this season. 

Next Hamon outlines strategy to access the open door and how to walk into the destiny and plan of God in 2017 by three strategic moves including:

1. Spirit of Revelation.

2. Worship. 

3. Warfare.

Hamon concludes that the open doors God has given his people are for promotion and possessing the inheritance of Christ in the earth and the establishing of his kingdom on earth as in heaven. 

"2017–An Open Door with Opportunities for Promotion and Possessing

2017–till his kingdom is established—Full ministry of God’s World War III. We will engage in spiritual warfare with Prophetic Acts of Faith, with God’s Weapon of Mass Destruction to powers of Darkness and Satan’s Army of wicked spirits. The Shout of Faith is the Church’s WMD.  


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