Lou Engle Says America Has Shifted, Calls for More Prayer

Lou Engle Says America Has Shifted, Calls for More Prayer

Lou Engle, founder of The Call believes America has shifted and is calling the nation to join him for a "2 22" Conference this February 22 in Colorado Springs. The 2 22 is taken from Daniel 2:22, where Daniel declares that God raises up kings and deposes kings. 

Engle believes this is an "epic time" to believe God for breakthrough in our nation, 

"We have just passed an epic moment of history in these elections. I know people struggle with it, but everyone knows it is a shifting of time."

Engle, through his ministry The Call has been involved in stadium worship, prayer and fasting services attracted tens of thousands of believers around the nation. Most recently, Azusa Now was hosted in the spring of 2016. Engle and others believe intercession unlocks the purposes of God in our nation's history,

"I believe it is not enough just for the shifting of this presidency. I believe America has shifted into a new season."

Leading up to the conference, The Call has summoned believers and students around the country to join them in a special fast, January 15 - February 23,

"Starting on January 15th until the Collegiate Day of Prayer on February 23rd 2017, we are asking all students to join us in a 40 day fast and prayer for service. 

Last year, TheCall joined thousands of students from over 230 campuses to fast and pray for 40 Days for their College Campuses. Let us believe that in the darkest hour of American history, Jesus will demonstrate His glory!" 

Engle believes this is a moment of history that can't be ignored,

"This is more than a conference it is a summit of divine intelligence to hear the Lord and release divine strategy on where to go from here. 

We need prayer fires to burn with divine intelligence like never before into a new day of justice and revival in America." 

Speakers at the upcoming conference include, Jeremiah Johnson, Lou Engle, Dutch Sheets, Lance a Wallnau, Dean Briggs, Chris Bergland plus dynamic worship by Ryan & Nina Landis and Michael Brymer, at 2 22 conference in Colorado Springs. Feb 16-19. Registration is FREE. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-222-conference-tickets-295…

"We believe it is a gathering of intercessor, prophets and leaders to come. Governmental intercession to shift this nation in the next two years. 

If your burning, hungry and want to shape history join us. It's an epic moment for such a time as this," said Engle.  

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