The Plunge of Baptism

The Plunge of Baptism

By Katrina Fuller

Recently, I saw two of my favorite people in the world go in to do church and come out completely clean.

I saw the waters of baptism cover them with grace, mercy and peace and I saw them they rose up out of those waters renewed, rejuvenated and filled with the Holy Spirit.

I had the pleasure, the ultimate blessing of and the unending joy of being a witness of the Baptism of my daughter and my husband.  They proclaimed for the world to see that  they are  children of God."

I am so grateful to my Holy Father for giving me that gift.  Hallelujah, and praises be to God for the miracle of new life in Christ.

We are a family unit, following Christ and inviting others to join us on our way.

Care to take the leap of faith?

My friends, after witnessing this beautiful occasion and the loveliest of days, I just have to tell you - I just have to let you know about this miracle that happened. For me, for you, for everyone on this earth.

The Lord came, died and rose again - enduring pain, the turning away of his own Father, the degradation of men and the burden of sin being placed on his shoulder so that we could be washed clean.

He hung on that cross with our sins placed upon him so that we could be set free.  What a blessing - what a relief.

What a sacrifice he made for us. He loved us, as Paul said, when we were yet sinners.

My friends, this salvation is free. This refuge of grace that you can live under comes at no cost to you, no strings attached - just love.

Have you taken the plunge?

Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour?

You might not have a baptismal font in front of you - you might not have a body of water with preachers nearby to dunk you in ... But friends, you can call out to the Lord right now, and take hold of the hand he is offering you.

You can open up the door of your heart, and invite the Holy Spirit to come in.

He's waiting for you. He knows your name, your past and everything you've ever done - and He loves you dearly.

Can you take that leap of faith today?

There is no greater joy than that of heaven when a soul is added to the Kingdom of God. Come, take the gift that is in front of you and celebrate new life with us.

On that beautiful day, it was almost as if I could hear the words of one of my favorite songs in my head,"I have decided to follow Jesus, I have decided to follow Jesus, I have decided to follow Jesus - no turning turning back."

The Lord calls out to us in tiny whispers, in bursts of light and in the midst of our darkness. Let us not turn away but rather draw closer in and take the plunge of faith.

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