It's not a word we like to hear. It goes against all common sense at times. As if we can just stop our treadmill of activity and put everything on hold and do nothing.

It's the word, wait.


Yes, wait.

That's absurd, we think.

After all we derive our identity and sense of worth so often from being busy. We like to think we're important by how demanding our schedules become. The busier we are, the more important we feel.

We've grown accustomed to a get it now, while you can, before it's gone culture. Don't wait or we'll miss out. Take all you can thinking.

We so easily fall into a scarcity mindset of hoarding and taking all we can while we can.

But God counters popular culture with a most counter cultural idea if I've ever heard one. He says, "wait. "

"Wait on me and renew your strength. 

Wait on me and I'll act on your behalf.

Wait on me and hear my still small voice.

Wait on me and I'll make wrong things right.

Wait on me and I'll meet your every need.

Wait on me for my timing is perfect."

When everything is shaking around you and the pressures of life are mounting, hear his whisper today, "wait and watch what I will do. My timing is perfect. You can trust me."


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