Deplorables R Us

Deplorables R Us

Psst, wanna know a secret?

I am Deplorable. Now don’t be confused.  I’m not talking about who I support politically.  I’m just speaking the truth.

And the truth is, I am, by all means,  Deplorable.

Oh, aren’t you sweet to disagree.  But, no.  Really.  I am.  And it’s not even a secret.

Plain and simple. For all the world to see.  Deplorable. Put me in the basket.

And it’s not because I’m racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic... and let’s not forgot clown-o-phobic (yes, that’s a thing).  Although, if Avenue Q has anything to say about it… everyone IS a little bit of all of the above (clowns included).  But that’s another article.  Remind me to write that one.  I think it’ll be good.

But back to my point.

You see, I don’t need to be any of these things to qualify for a place in the B.O.D. (you know,  the Basket Of Deplorables, as we in the  “Us/Them” camp like to call it).

It’s easy, oh so easy, and very, very convenient to use words like this to distance ourselves from the dredges of society.  I get it.  Those bad people, over there, you know, those creepy, distasteful people who aren’t as enlightened as you and me… those over the top, naughty, awful, vulgar, vile excuses for humanity, with their naughty, awful, vulgar, vile ways that are so completely foreign to my ways… THEY are the opposite of you, and especially of ME.  They are DEPLORABLE.  Isn’t it obvious?

Or so the narrative goes.  As long as I can create this vast chasm, this obvious spectrum of awfulness, and make it clear where I do NOT fall on the continuum, I can comfort myself on my high ground, with the distance separating me from the other side, and wave with disdain in superior royal fashion at the masses of unfortunate slobs on the other side.

It makes me feel good.  Justified.  Downright self-righteous.  The envy of the world, even. 

The only problem is, it’s not the truth.

I’m still Deplorable.

What makes me so?

Let’s take a look at the definition.

DEPLORABLE: dəˈplôrəb(ə)l/adjective

deserving strong condemnation.

shockingly bad in quality.

Ohhhh. You mean like what the Bible says.  You mean stuff like “there is no one good, not even one”… or  “our righteousness is like filthy rags” when compared to the holiness of God almighty. Right. Yeah. That.  Well sure, if you want to get all technical about it.  Ok, yes, but… No.  No “buts”.  It is an inarguable fact.  There is no escaping the empirical evidence.

I. Am. Deplorable.

And so are you.

At least, on our own. Without the outrageous grace of God to intervene on our behalf, we are, the whole lot of us, not just a basket, but a whole bushel of Deplorable.

And I think, deep, deep down, we all know it.

But really.  Isn’t it easier to just keep pretending it’s them?

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