Exclusive: Interview With Hazem Farraj

Exclusive: Interview With Hazem Farraj

In an exclusive telephone interview with Logos Post, Hazem Farraj, discussed his new film and spoke openly about the state of Islam in the world. He also spoke about his personal experience in which Jesus appeared to him in a dream, sixteen years ago. This dream phenomenon has been happening all across the world, especially to those who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mohammed, Jesus & Me
By Hazem Farraj

Hazem is an author, ex- Muslim activist and humanitarian whose work has garnered the attention of Congress and the United Nations.

God has blessed him with an amazing platform, yet he remains incredibly humble and candid about his experiences.

He said this is an epic time in history; one that is receiving little, if any media attention. “Where we are in America and where we are with history is really electrifying. In one hundred years, we will be reading about the times we’re living in now,” he said. “I feel like there’s a big transition happening in the Muslim world. The Muslim religion is about to get a makeover theologically and it’s about to get a redefining of its reputation.”

For the first time in sixteen years, he feels people are starting to openly discuss the basic principles of Islam, especially when it comes to the issue of human rights. “What I’ve found is there’s a moral obligation for any human being to make a decision when being confronted with things that are sanctioned within Islam,” he said.  

He said these “conversations are happening” and they’re “wide scale.”

He works with the humanitarian aid organization, the Somerset Foundation, based in Kentucky and currently serves as its vice president. The Foundation’s mission statement shows pure unadulterated love and compassion for others in the name of Jesus. It is this: “we are fueled by unconditional love and believe we can be effective instruments to showing love to people who feel lost and extremely vulnerable.” It provides “basic, life-saving necessities including food, water, medicine and education” to those in desperate need.

In his latest venture, he’s working a new film which is set to be released later this year in 2016.

“In my humanitarian works in the Middle East, we corporately helped a girl who had been a slave of the Islamic state, but what made this one particularly different, is that to date, there’s been three hundred Americans that have joined ISIS and that girl whose name was Bazi that we helped and the team helped over there, a bunch of us really…it was an underground railroad, if you will,” he said.

He described the film’s narrative. “So the film is a thriller about me in America adding to the conversation in America trying to teach America what is Islam and meanwhile, trying to also bring justice to our friend, and ex-slave, Bazi, who was slave traded by the white American,” he said.

“Because of my proximity to my humanitarian work and doing the film, we were invited to the Congress and the United Nations because of that story,” he said.

Eager to share his personal story and reach out to those especially in the ex-Muslim community, he had this to say to them: “there’s a bunch of Muslims who are going through crisis, and I remember mine took three years, and I want to look them in the face and say, you are going to make it.” He said he wishes he knew this years ago when he when went through his transition period between identifying with Islam and becoming a Christian . He said he is making himself available to ex-Muslims all around the world who are in “crisis and need help.” He invites them to reach out to him on his website.

He said ex-Muslims all across the world have been sharing their stories on twitter.

He also recently completed a thirteen-part video series on YouTube entitled “I.S. Islam” in which he discusses some fundamental beliefs in Islam that few will talk about. He answers some intriguing questions about Islam in the videos. He is bilingual, and can read and speak Arabic. So, he offers a unique perspective on the subject through interpretation of traditional Islamic literature.

In the interview, he also recounted his dream in which Jesus appeared to him. In his dream, Jesus “showed up as a human being, as a shepherd, as a priest.” He knew Jesus had great authority. When asked what Jesus looked like, he said he was of medium height and “he had a beautiful face with very manly features.” In the dream, Jesus pointed to Hazem and told him to read a chapter in Isaiah, chapter twenty-two.”

What’s so amazing though about this story, is that Hazem was raised as Muslim. He grew up in a traditional Palestinian American home, read the Q’uran and went to the mosque. He didn’t even own a Bible and he certainly didn’t know that Isaiah was a Biblical prophet.

He said he has many friends around the world that have experienced this phenomenon of seeing Jesus in dreams. He said their encounters led them to become Christians. However, his story is slightly different. His dream came after he already made the decision to follow Christ a few months earlier, when he was just fifteen years old.

Hazem discusses more about his experience with Jesus in his book, Jesus, Mohammed and Me.

In the end, love won out. He decided to follow Jesus and run wholeheartedly after him. He has never looked back.

Hazem’s story is one of courage and steadfastness in the face of adversity. With a resolve that is unwavering, he has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to follow Christ. A truly inspirational story, Hazem’s testimony and life’s work is one that every Christian American and every ex-Muslim should be acquainted with.

For more information, updates and the movie release date, visit his website.


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