Should Testing Be Left Behind?



            Left behind children are equal to the sum of an unknown mathematical equation. The answer to how many children are left behind won't be found on any test. How do you define the term "left behind children"?  Many children are left behind because their test scores are sub-par. To test or not to test is a good question to put to the test.

            Experience is a great teacher. My experience comes from being the Director of an inner-city youth ministry called Youth With A Purpose. I've also witnessed children left behind as a dad, school board member, coach, educator, Scout leader and youth pastor. One particular young man, who was left behind, took his final heartbeat with my hand resting on his chest. He was 14 yrs. old and the victim of a gang shooting as he rode his bicycle. A bullet passed through his head and left behind the testimony of an inadequate education system. Please understand that my intent is not to cast blame on any one person or group of people. Our education community is overwhelmed and we all need to take responsibility.

            Finding the answer to the testing dilemma will take a rather intense examination. Let's begin with one child. He is being raised fatherless by his mom. The boy is missing something, but he doesn't know what it is. The hole in his heart causes anger and consumes his focus. School work irritates him and he eventually fails a few grades. The school system places him in a classroom with students several years younger than he is. Feeling out of place, his rebellion reaches new highs. He starts a fire in a restroom, just so he can get suspended. And that's just what they do; they give him the suspension he wants!

            Trying to find solutions for rebellious children is like trying to find a balloon in a Buffalo blizzard. Removal from the classroom is the primary answer. The young man went from counselor to counselor and then was recruited by a gang. The gang's tests were easy to pass; carry our drugs and guns and we'll give you respect, girls, and money. That young man went forward with the gang and left the school behind. A child who is left behind has failed to reach the pot of gold diplomas at the end of his educational career. There are many scenarios in which children are left behind and we will cover more in our next article. For now, let me leave you with some advice on passing the tests in life for you and your children.

Testing results do not define who you are as a person.

Expressive writing helps release pent up emotions.

Studying efficiently is an art form unto itself.

Treat studying like a struggle that will help you grow stronger. Struggle is good for the soul.

Invest time in teaching your child organizational discipline. For everything, there is a season.

Nurture a positive relationship that helps your child keep track of their own responsibilities.

Give time to your child. Read what they read. Show them you care by sharing your time.

Thanks for your time. Go do something nice for somebody. Jesus loves you and so do we.



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