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LogosPost.com focuses on serving the Christian community through news, commentary and faith based inspiration. We are a 501c3 Christian missionary organization. All of our writers serve God as missionaries to media as a staff of media-naries. Media-naries are men and women called by God to go into all the world through media with the light of the Gospel and the truth of His Word and ways. Our full time team raises their own support to work in our organization. 

View all of our current openings here. 

We currently need writers trained or willing to be trained as news copy writers that can provide daily posts and contribute to our effort to cover what's happening in the world from a Christian worldview. Our current need is for writers to write and rewrite news copy from a variety of sources including major world news feeds. Our writers are required to develop a number of lead sources including major news feed providers and rewrite the news for our audience. We currently have a number of beats that we are looking to fill including:

  • Church News
  • Family News
  • Arts/Entertainment

We focus on three key aspects in our news content:

1) Inform

Informing a Christian audience of current news affecting faith around the world including news of:

  • Persecution 
  • Religious Freedom
  • Great Commission 
  • Middle East
  • US foreign relations
  • Wars, disasters

We want our news to inform and lead to action.

2) Inspire

Inspiring believers into the world as salt and light though teaching, equipping, &discipleship resources.

3) Reach

Reach seekers with the truth of Jesus Christ and his Lordship over all things.


For certain writers who are considered thought leaders and experts in their respective fields, we offer the opportunity to be a contributing columnist to our publication. Writing for LogosPost.com is an opportunity to amplify your message to Christian thought leaders, influencers, culture makers and shapers. If you are interested in writing opinion and commentary on current events in media, government, church, family, education, arts or business we welcome your interest and ask that you provide us some samples of your work. Writing for LogosPost.com as a columnist is an opportunity to:

1) Reach a targeted audience of influencers. Our audience is culture makers and shapers impacting the present and future of global Christian thought and influence. 

2) Build your platform. Build your speaking and writing career with the influence of a global platform in LogosPost.com. 

3) Increase search engine optimization. Raise your visibility online by guest posting for leading sites like LogosPost.com.

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Understand the Times, Know What to Do

Understand the Times, Know What to Do

Welcome to Logos Post

Welcome to Logos Post