URGENT: Please Pray For Jacob Sheep In Israel

URGENT: Please Pray For Jacob Sheep In Israel

What was supposed to be the epic journey of a lifetime has now become a dangerous, deadly situation for the flock of Jacob Sheep who recently made “baa-aliyah” to Israel.

As of the time of this writing, two sheep have been lost. A female sheep named Rachel, passed away yesterday morning, and an 11-year old ram named, Zion, passed away this morning. The remaining sheep are in distress, according to various Facebook posts over the last several days.

The Times of Israel is reporting that 40-50 sheep are currently sick. Several storms tore through the quarantine area bringing torrential rain and wind, knocking the shelter down, and pelting the sheep with hail.

The storms also rendered the only road into the quarantine area inaccessible to all traffic, except all-terrain vehicles, according to the Facebook post.

For days, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Israel would not allow the sheep to move to a safer quarantine location, according to a statement from the Friends of the Jacob Sheep Foundation. However a move may soon be in order, after a private veterinarian recommended one after witnessing firsthand the dangerous conditions the sheep have been enduring.  

The sheep remain in government-mandated quarantine. Flights bringing additional sheep from Canada have been postponed until further notice, according to the statement.

Additional storms will likely hit in the area in the coming days.


·       Health for the sheep

·       Respite from the relentless rain

·       Secure shelter for the animals, including a move to a safer quarantine location

·       Financial provision (Donate here)

·       Safety of remaining sheep stranded in Canada

·       Long term: land for the sheep to be settled on permanently, and for a visitor’s center


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