16 Hour Live Prayer Call Set for Election Day

16 Hour Live Prayer Call Set for Election Day

A 16 hour national prayer call has been organized for Election Day 2016 taking place Tuesday, November 8 from 8am - 12 midnight eastern time. The prayer event is organized by a number of ministries coming together because of the urgency and great need in our nation. 

Cindy Jacobs of the Reformation Prayer Network sent this special message out to supporters today urging them to participate in the prayer call during free time tomorrow. 

We know that you are praying daily for the outcome of our national elections this year, as the course for our nation will be determined in this election cycle for quite a long time to come. Changes to our moral, economic and judicial climate will be set long into the future in one direction or the other and, in the natural, it will be very hard to correct if we head off in a direction that does not honor God!

In light of the seriousness of the hour, we are inviting you to join us in 16 hoursof intercession for our nation on November 8th from 8 A.M. to Midnight, EST. 

This call was birthed in Washington, D.C., last week where about 100 prayer leaders from across many streams were invited to worship and intercede together for our nation. It was amazing! There was such a rich unity in the Body of Christ - a humble unity between many streams. We heard from various leaders on topics that are of concern to the Church in our nation and I have to say that these leaders were truly experts in their fields. There were presentations on each of the three branches of our government, corruption and election fraud, occult powers, false religions in our national foundations, abortion, the economy, the lost, missions, the family, praying children and much more. We spent time in prayer after each one spoke. The ratio of speaking was about 1/3 speaking and 2/3 prayer and it was passionate!

At the end of the gathering, a couple of the leaders met together feeling that we needed to express this unity in payer on Election Day, so this call was born.


The schedule is set as follows:

Election Day Prayer Call #: 712-432-0075
Participant code: 6149782#

Tentative Schedule in Eastern Time (as of 11/4)

8-9 am ET
*Daily Prayer Campaign hosted by
Transform USA, United Cry and Prayer Surge NOW!
with Alveda King, Priests for Life and Susan Rowe, The Global Watch
9-10 am
Hosted by Men for Nations and American Center for Prayer and Revival
10-11 am
Hosted by Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation with
Pierre Bynum, Family Research Council
11 am-Noon
Hosted by National House of Prayer Canada
Noon-1 pm
Hosted by Intercessors for America
1-2  pm
Hosted by Generals International, Reformation Prayer Network
2-3  pm
Hosted by First Nations Counseling Ministries
3-4  pm
Hosted by National Day of Prayer Task Force and Awakening America
4-5  pm
Hosted by Lightbearers International and Liberty Prayer Network
with visiting Romanian Pastor Ioan Peia and Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel
5-6  pm
Hosted by UNITY Awakening the One New Man and Reconnecting Ministries
6-7 pm
Hosted by The Call, Bound4LIFE, Justice House of Prayer,
The Justice Foundation and Operation Outcry
7-8  pm
*CHPP Prayer Canopy hosted by Aglow International
8-9  pm
*Daily Prayer Campaign hosted by
Wailing Women International USA and
African Strategic Leadership Prayer Network
9-10 pm
Hosted by The Western Wall of North America, various ministries of
California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska
10-11 pm
Hosted by ASK Network International
Hosted by Capitol Hill Prayer Partners

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