Welcome to Logos Post, a Global Media Network. 

Logos Post is a non-profit global new-media network covering news and commentary from a Christian worldview. Logos is a term in western philosophy, psychology, rhetoric, and religion derived from a Greek word meaning "ground", "plea", "opinion", "expectation", "word". It's the same word John the apostle used to describe Christ as the Word of God made flesh. Our team of media-naries seek to glorify Jesus in media and give voice to pressing issues and news in church, business, government, education, media, arts, and family. 

Our goal is to understand the times, know what to do and communicate that via news, commentary and opinion through the written word and broadcast news. 

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We help ministries, speakers and artists with the ever changing task of online publishing grow their platform, ministry and opportunities online. Apply here. 

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We help companies, schools and non-profits grow their brand, support and sales by reaching a niche audience of culture makers, influencers and leaders around the world. Companies are invited to partner with Logos Post in pay-per-click and/or pay-per-impression advertising helping to fund global journalism, news and commentary. Contact us for rates and our media kit.   

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Vision & Values

LogosPost.com is a leading online news, commentary and discovery platform for culture makers and shaper speaking into the times and seasons we live in. 

1) Engaging culture for Christ. We value engaging the world from a Christian worldview as salt, light and influencers for the glory of God. 

2) Truth. We cover and uncover truth and righteousness in our writing and reporting. 

3) Democratize news and opinion. We want to level the playing field while raising the standard in Christian thought for who has a voice in our culture by providing opportunity for emerging voices in our world to be heard through our platform. 

4) Discipleship. Discipling nations through a Christ centered perspective on news and current events. 

5) Global Missions. We draw attention to the unfinished task of the Gospel in all nations and play a role in helping to finish the Great Commission. 

6) Understanding the times. We interpret the times and mobilize believers to action. 

7) Exposing Injustice. Logos serves as a voice for the oppressed, widow, orphan and sheds light into dark places. 

What we cover

Our news coverage focuses on informing our audience on key topics impacting people of Christian faith including: 

  • Christian Persecution 
  • Religious Freedom
  • Great Commission ministry advancement 
  • Middle East
  • Israel
  • US foreign relations
  • Wars, disasters

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